Long after the congratulations have been said, Long after the bonuses have been spent, Long after the memories have faded, Awards remain a lasting tribute to momentous people and events.

We may look expensive but our pricing is very competitive

Pleasance Jewellers Ltd. was incorporated in 1935 by Charles Pleasance Sr. in the town of Walkerville, Ontario.

At that time Walkerville was a factory town that was home to Hiram Walker and Sons, distillers of Canadian Club Whiskey. The town was one of the Border Cities that later incorporated with Windsor, Ontario. Pleasance Jewellers was a high end jewellery store that gradually became an engraving and award store. The trophy business evolved because jewellery stores had the equipment and skills to do free hand engraving, similar to calligraphy.

Engraving had progressed from free hand to pantograph to computer and now laser engraving and sublimation. Charles Pleasance Jr. worked with his father and ran the business until April 3, 1974. That night a violent tornado hit the Windsor Curling Club and killed eight people - Charles Pleasance was one of those who died. Ray Ryan purchased the business upon his death in 1974 and has operated it ever since. His son, John, has worked in the business for over twenty years.

For over thirty years the owners and staff at Pleasance Trophies and Gifts have worked diligently to earn a reputation as one of the leaders in the awards and engraving business. Our showroom is an exceptional presentation of uniquely engraved awards not found in a typical trophy store. Some of the beautifully preserved jewellery cabinets and the cash register that date back to 1935 enhance that presentation. Our selection, service and engraving are considered by our many loyal customers to be "simply the best".